Apple Blossom Metal Die Set Spinner & Sliders | Set of 5

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Features & Benefits

  • Set of 5 thin metal dies
  • Make three different styles of spinner and slider cards
  • Sandwich a 3D foam pad between the two discs to create the kinetic element
  • Adhere a stamped image of your choice to the front disc to create unique interactive scenes
  • Easy to use
  • Quality affordable products


  • Length of Straight Channel: 100mm
  • Length of Curved Channel: 100mm
  • Diameter of Horseshoe Slider Channel: 70mm

How to Create a Spinner or Slider Card

1. Die-cut your chosen channel on your top piece of cardstock.
2. Die-cut the circles out of spare card. Position one behind the channel, add a 3D foam pad or circle and stick the second circle on top of it. This is now the mechanism for your spinner or slider. You just need to add your chosen stamped image to the front, sticking it only to the circle.
3. If you wish to stamp inside the channel, draw a light pencil line through it onto your chosen backing card, remove the top layer and stamp your chosen sentiment or design. Then erase your lines.
4. Once decorated, stick 3D foam tape behind your topper or panel. The tape should be the same depth as the 3D foam you have used on the spinner and slider embellishment. Add some tape along the edge of the die-cut channel for support, but leave a small gap to allow smooth movement of the disc. For the horseshoe slider, add a piece of foam tape in the centre to secure. Stick your top piece onto your backing card.