Cricut Maker Essentials Bundle

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This Cricut bundle consists of a basic tool set, cutting mats, a fine point blade with housing, and a rotary blade kit.

Cricut Basic Tools consists of 5 essential tools needed to help you expertly handle a variety of basic crafting projects. The set includes tweezers to lift and secure small and delicate embellishments, weeder to remove tiny or negative cuts, micro-tip scissors, spatula to lift cuts from the mat and a scraper to clean all cutting mats.

The blue LightGrip cutting mat is designed for lighter materials such as printer paper and light cardstock whilst the green StandardGrip mat is ideal for medium weight materials such as vinyl, embossed cardstock, and patterned paper. The purple StrongGrip mat is specifically designed for heavier materials such as glitter cardstock, poster board and thick cardstock to ensure your projects do not move during cutting.

The Premium Point Blade with Housing features one high quality fine-point cutting blade made from German carbide steel. This resilient and durable fine-point is perfect for precision cuts and sharp cut edges for a flawless finish to your cutting creations. The Fine-point blade is also compatible with most material such as cardstock, vinyl and faux leather.

Ensure you get the best cut every time with the Cricut Rotary Blade Kit and replace the blade in your Cricut Maker machine. The kit includes a protective changing cap that helps you change blades with ease and safety. To make sure you never risk contact with the blade, the cap ensures that the blade stays covered during replacement.


  • Contains Tweezers, Weeder, Micro-tip Scissors, Spatula, and Scraper is the tool set, 3 cutting mats, 1 fine point blade with housing, and 1 rotary blade kit
  • Cutting Mat Sizes: 12in x 12in