Ecoline Brush Pen Set Bright | Set of 10

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The Bright Brush Pen Set contains 10 brush pens in a variety of vibrant colours that are perfect for drawing, illustrating, writing and more. The pens features watercolour ink as well as a versatile brush nib that allows you to add eye-catching colour to small areas of your design, as well as large. Blend with water to decrease the colour intensity and create lovely watercolour effects.

The colours in this set include lemon yellow, light orange, scarlet, pastel rose, magenta, blue violet, sky blue, green, sepia deep and black.

Features & Benefits

  • Includes 10 brush pens
  • Watercolour ink & versatile brush nibs


  • Colours: Lemon Yellow, Light Orange, Scarlet, Pastel Rose, Magenta, Blue Violet, Sky Blue, Green, Sepia Deep, Black