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Our HTV contains a carrier sheet – this sheet allows your cut design to stay in place while you remove (weed) the excess material from your design, and then affix on to your material. It is always recommended to check which side the carrier sheet is and perform a test cut first, to minimise any wastage.

These are guidelines only, and as every machine acts differently, you may need to tweak your settings. You can find help and how to perform test cuts by visiting your machine’s manufacturer website and searching their help/FAQ pages.

Please note that both holographic and rainbow pearls HTV require a deeper cut setting than the standard iron on settings – this is due to there being multiple layers to obtain the rainbow finish of the product. If the cut setting is not deep enough, you will not be able to weed away the excess from the design clearly. ALWAYS perform a test cut.

  1. Make sure the carrier side is facing down on to your sticky mat.

  2. Make sure your cut your design in reverse (mirror).

  3. Weed away the excess HTV from around your design.
    If you are finding it difficult to remove the excess from your cut, it would suggest that your cutting depth is not deep enough.

  4. Pre-press the fabric that you are applying your HTV to, to remove any moisture and creases from your fabric.

  5. You need a solid, stable surface if you are using an Easypress, as even pressure and temperature is important. Use both hands and ensure you press down with some force.
    Pressing pillows will help should you have seams or zips close to the area where you’re affixing your cut design to.

  6. Cover the design with an Application Tape sheet, baking paper or clean white cotton tea towel, to protect your fabric from burning.

  7. Depending upon the type of HTV, please use the following temperatures as a guideline:
    • Premium PU: 150c to 160c for 5 to 8 seconds with a medium even pressure, but you can also press at lower heats for a longer press time – 140c to 150c for 8 to 10 seconds | 130c to 140c for 10 to 12 seconds and 120c for 15 seconds.
    • Holographic: 150c for 10 to 15 seconds.
    • Fairydust: 140c to 150c for 10 to 15 seconds.
    • Rainbow Pearls: 140c to 150c for 10 to 15 seconds.
    • **Note: Depending upon the material you’re applying the HTV to (for example a thicker cotton/deeper weave) will require different temperatures. Always do a practice first to minimise wastage. Even pressure and temperature are really important. If only the edges are lifting, you may not have had enough pressure/heat on that specific area.

  8. Allow the carrier to cool so it is just warm to touch before slowly peeling the carrier away. If the cut design lifts at this point, place the carrier back down and repress in 10 second intervals.

  9. Once successfully removed, recover with the protective sheet and repress for 5 seconds.

**NOTE: Once applied wait at least 72 hours before use or washing. Note when applying to 100% cotton, cotton can shrink during the washing process, and if the design is larger, it may end up causing the design to look wrinkled.

To maximise durability of your creation, wash your garments inside out at a cooler temperature (40c or less.) Use non-bleach-based detergent. Air dry – do not place directly on to radiator. When ironing, iron the garment inside out.