Coloured Heat Embossing Tutorial

Hello, crafters! We're thrilled to share with you another three-minute card-making hack, this time it's coloured heat embossing, a really fun cardmaking technique for you to learn. Are you ever in a crafting situation where you need a specific colour of heat embossing powder but don't have it in your collection? Today, we'll show you a quick tip to achieve that desired colour even if you don't have the exact powder. We'll create the look of multicoloured heat embossing using just a few simple materials. Let's get started!

Materials You'll Need:

Step 1: Prepare Your Sentiment

coloured heat embossing tutorial

Start by choosing the sentiment or design you want to heat emboss on your black cardstock. In this tutorial, we're using a clear ink for embossing to create the multicolored effect. Stamp your chosen design onto the black cardstock.

Step 2: Clear Embossing

coloured heat embossing tutorial

Sprinkle clear embossing powder over the stamped design. Make sure to cover the entire sentiment or pattern.

Step 3: Heat Embossing

coloured heat embossing tutorial

Using a heat tool, melt the clear embossing powder on your black cardstock. You'll notice that the design becomes glossy and raised. This creates the base for our multicolored effect.

Step 4: First Colouring Option - Water-Based Pen

coloured heat embossing tutorial

Choose a water-based pen in the color you desire. Color over the embossed design. The embossing will resist the ink, allowing the color to stand out beautifully. You can use any water-based pen, making it a versatile option.

Step 5: Second Colouring Option - Dye Ink Pad

coloured heat embossing tutorial

Use a dye ink pad, like Memento, in your chosen color. Press the ink pad directly onto the embossed design. The ink will adhere to the cardstock, creating a vibrant look.

Step 6: Third Colouring Option - Water-Reactive Ink

coloured heat embossing tutorial

Take a water-reactive ink, such as Distress Ink, and gently blend it over the embossed design. This method provides a slightly lighter effect, creating a more subtle background. It's an excellent choice for a softer look.

Step 7: Clean-Up

coloured heat embossing tutorial

After colouring, use a wipe to remove any excess ink. This ensures your design looks crisp and well-defined. You now have a beautiful multicoloured heat-embossed design on your black cardstock. Combining clear embossing and your chosen colouring method creates a striking effect that mimics the appearance of coloured embossing powder.

Step 8: Experiment and Enjoy

coloured heat embossing tutorial

Feel free to experiment with different colours and designs to create unique and captivating effects. Whether you choose the water-based pen, dye ink pad, or water-reactive ink, you'll achieve fantastic results every time.

And there you have it – a quick and easy way to create the look of multicoloured heat embossing without the need for an entire collection of embossing powders. Don't forget to subscribe to the CraftStash YouTube channel for more crafting tips and tricks like this. You can also purchase all the materials used in this tutorial at the CraftStash website. Happy crafting!

Watch the full video tutorial here!