Is The Cricut EasyPress Mini Worth It? 

We review the Cricut EasyPress Mini

So, you’ve already treated yourself to a Cricut and you’re enjoying working with adhesive vinyl – but you keep seeing the amazing projects other people are making with heat transfer vinyl. Some people say they’ve had good results with a normal household iron, but others say an iron won’t work. We’re here to answer the question: do you need a Cricut EasyPress Mini

Cricut Easy Press Mini basics 

Heat transfer vinyl works in a similar way to normal vinyl but as the name suggests, it requires heat to activate the adhesive. If you’ve ever used iron-on patches for your clothes or iron-on interfacing for sewing projects, you’ll be familiar with the concept. Unlike these kinds of projects though, vinyl is quite delicate and prone to showing imperfections and bubbles. Therefore, when you’re working with heat transfer vinyl, it’s super important to keep your surface as clean and flat as possible – that’s where the EasyPress family comes in. 

The Cricut EasyPress and EasyPress Mini both have a super-smooth flat surface, which can be heated to precisely the temperature you need for your projects. The main difference between the two is size – the EasyPress has a large pressing surface, perfect for t-shirts, tote bags and other large surfaces. However, for those of us who are short on space, the EasyPress Mini is an intriguing option.  

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Cricut EasyPress Mini vs. Normal Iron 

On the surface, you’d be forgiven for thinking you don’t need an EasyPress Mini if you have an iron at home – and it’s certainly true that it’s possible to use heat transfer vinyl with a standard household iron, but there are some key differences.  

Which Cricut heat press is right for you? – Cricut

Firstly, the pressing surface of the EasyPress Mini is completely flat, whereas most irons have holes for steam to come out of. These holes can lead to an uneven application, which is particularly visible in projects with large pieces of vinyl.  

Another advantage the EasyPress Mini has over an iron is that the heat settings are much more precise, and are calibrated with the Cricut Heat Guide. This takes out all of the guesswork – you simply enter the materials you’re using and the Heat Guide tells you which setting to use – no more scorched tote bags or detached vinyl! 

Cricut EasyPress Mini™,

You’ll also find that irons sometimes don’t get as hot as you need them to be. For some materials, a very high heat setting is required to achieve firm and permanent adhesion. If you’re just using a normal iron, this can be almost impossible. 

Finally – back to those holes! Steam or water can cause real problems for projects using heat transfer vinyl. Even if you have the steam setting switched off, some irons can still leak a little, which could ruin your whole project. 

Which Cricut heat press is right for you? – Cricut

Can you use an EasyPress Mini for bigger projects like shirts and tote bags? 

The short answer to this is – yes, absolutely! 

The slightly longer answer is that it takes a little more time and care than with the full-size EasyPress, but if you follow these easy tips, you’ll get great results: 

  • For best results, keep the size of your design to no more than 4" x 3.5" or 1.7" x 5.25", or break up the design into smaller sections of this size. 
  • Keep your EasyPress Mini moving during transfer, making sure to cover all areas of the design, including centre and edges. Allow the heat plate to extend approximately 0.5" beyond all edges of the design. 

The important thing to remember is that for any heat transfer material to fully adhere, it must be raised to the correct transfer and held there for the specified time. If you are working over too large of a surface area, you won’t be able to keep the temperature high enough, so concentrate on a small area at a time. 


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How to use the Cricut EasyPress Mini 

So…let’s put it to the test! Here’s how to use your EasyPress Mini in simple steps: 


  • Make sure the surface you plan to use is clean, dry and stable 
  • If applying to a shaped surface such as a hat, use a rolled up towel inside the item to fill it out 
  • Prepare a design which is ideally no more than twice the size of the pressing surface or alternatively, break your design up into smaller sections 
  • Use your Cricut to cut out the design (making sure the image is mirrored), then weed the image before you begin 
  • Check the Cricut Heat Guide to find the right heat setting for your project 
  • Plug in your EasyPress Mini and turn it on to bring it up to temperature 

How to make 

  • Position the design onto your base material, ensuring the liner (the clear, shiny side) is facing up 
  • Start a timer for the time given in the Cricut Heat Guide 
  • Apply heat to your design, keeping the EasyPress moving until the timer runs out 
  • Either peel away the liner straight away for a warm peel or wait until the project cools down for a cool peel – the Heat Guide will tell you which is best for your materials 

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