Embellished Aladine Concrete Letters

02 May 2018 0 Comments All, Calligraphy, Card Making card making, techniques

Janette takes a break from cardmaking to create some fun embellished concrete letters from Aladine! These letters are PERFECT for DIY gifts, parties, and personalised home decor. Imagine the word C-R-A-F-T on your craft desk or your name spelled out on a shelf. Janette shares 3 easy techniques from stencilling to embellishing these letters with simple diecuts. The possibilities are endless! Here’s some ideas you can try with the Aladine Concrete letters:

-Paint with Izink Diamond Paints for a sparkly effect.
-Glue seashells directly on the letters for a maritime themed decoration (perfect for a party!).
-Paint stripes by masking the letter with thin tape.
-Stamp with your favourite stamps with StazOn ink.
-Heat emboss with a stencil or stamp (heat the concrete letter for a long time to make sure the embossing powder melts).
-Doodle designs with a marker or pen.
-Wrap your letter in your favourite yarn or twine.
-Glue paper flowers or other embellishments on your concrete letters.

These embellished letters are so versatile! There are two sizes available for all your crafty projects from A-Z! The small letters are 5cm tall and the large letters are 7cm tall. They’re great for smaller projects, but a great size to still make an impression!


PS. Try to keep the letters away from water. These are concrete and water can weaken them and cause a break or fracture. Make sure the surface you’re working on is dry:)


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