The Christmas season is upon us, and what better way to get into the festive spirit than by creating your very own personalised Christmas table decor? In this step-by-step tutorial, we'll guide you through making simple cutlery holders that can also double as napkin rings. These can be personalised with names, menu choices, or anything you like. Additionally, we'll show you how to create matching place mats to complete your holiday table setting. The best part? We've provided a free SVG file for your electronic cutting machine, making this project a breeze.

Materials You'll Need:

Cricut cutting machine
Knife and fork (to determine sizing)
Glitter, sequins, gems, pearls for embellishment (optional)

Step 1: Download the Free SVG File

Start by downloading the free SVG file that we've provided. This file contains a snowflake shape with cutout lines. You can find the link for the SVG file at the bottom of this post. This file will be used to cut out your festive decor.

Step 2: Measure Your Cutlery

Before cutting out the snowflake design, measure your knife and fork (or any other cutlery you plan to use) to ensure they fit the holders. Measure the length and the width between the handles to make sure they'll slide in comfortably. For example, your knife and fork should fit easily through the opening of the snowflake.

Step 3: Resize the Snowflake

Use your electronic cutting machine software (e.g., Cricut Design Space) to resize the snowflake to match the measurements you took in Step 2. Make sure you keep all elements resized together to maintain proper proportions.

Step 4: Create an Offset (optional)

To add an offset for a decorative touch, you can use your software's offset tool. This will create a slightly smaller snowflake to layer on the back for added stability and style. Once created, cut out the offset design.

Step 5: Cut the Snowflake

Load your cardstock into your electronic cutting machine, following the software's instructions. Cut out the snowflake design. If you opted for an offset in Step 4, cut out that design as well.

Step 6: Assemble the Cutlery Holder/Napkin Ring

Apply a thin, even layer of glue along the sides of the two lines on the snowflake. Then, add a line of glue along each snowflake. Press the offset snowflake onto the back of the main snowflake to secure it.

Step 7: Personalise and Add Glitter or Embellishments (optional)

If you'd like to add a personal touch, you can include a name tag on the front of the cutlery holder. This can be done with handwritten names or by using your electronic cutting machine's pen function. Be sure to keep the tag within the gap for sliding in the cutlery.

For added sparkle and charm, you can embellish the snowflake with glitter, sequins, gems, pearls, or any decorations of your choice. Get creative and make it uniquely yours.

Step 9: Slide in the Cutlery

With the glue dry and any personalisation or decoration in place, test that your knife and fork slide comfortably into the cutlery holder. Everything should fit perfectly.

Step 10: Create Matching Place Mats (optional)

For an elegant table setting, you can create coordinating place mats using the same snowflake design. Resize the snowflake to fit your dinner plates and cut them out from cardstock or other suitable materials. Glue them together for added stability.

Now, with your personalised cutlery holders and matching place mats, your Christmas table will be the talk of the town. Feel free to experiment with different colours and materials to match your festive decor.

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Watch the full video tutorial here!

Download the template below: