Greetings, fellow crafters! Today, we're thrilled to share a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a festive card using the FREE digi stamps from Chloe's Creative Cards Christmas Collection. These delightful designs are part of the Craft Essentials Series 150, and you can download them for FREE here (check out the link at the end of this post).

Materials You'll Need:

  • Chloe's Creative Cards Christmas Collection (download link below)
  • Printer and copy paper
  • Pencil crayons (Reds and Greens)
  • Nesting dies
  • Craft card base
  • Foam pads
  • Tape runner
  • Scissors

1. Download and Print

  • Download the FREE digital stamps from Chloe's Creative Cards Christmas Collection (see link at the end of this blog post).
  • Choose your favourite elements, position them on a Word document, and print the images in your desired size.

2. Printing Tips for Microsoft Word

  • In Microsoft Word, right-click on the image, select "Wrap," and choose "Tight Wrap." This allows easy movement and resizing without overlapping issues.

3. Colouring with Pencil Crayons

  • Select two shades each of red and green pencil crayons for the colouring.
  • For the flowers, use the darker shade in the centre and the lighter shade for the outer petals. Create strokes to maintain the black outlines.
  • Colour the leaves by first covering them entirely with the paler green shade. Add low lights along the stem and base with the darker shade.

4. Adding Colour to Sentiments

  • Cut out the sentiments using nesting dies. Add colour to "merry" and "happy" using an ombre effect—darker shade at the bottom third and lighter shade at the top.

5. Fussy Cutting and Matting

  • Cut out the floral elements with a white border to simplify fussy cutting.
  • Choose a coordinating colour for the mat and layer for your sentiment. Attach them using a tape runner.

6. Assembling the Card

  • Use foam pads to add dimension to the sentiment layer. Be strategic to avoid adhesive showing through on white areas.
  • Position the sentiment layer onto the craft card base.

7. Floral Flourishes

  • Glue down the florals strategically, ensuring they peek out from behind the sentiment layer.
  • Lift the sentiment layer using foam pads for added depth.

8. Final Touches

  • Double-check the arrangement and adhere all elements to the card base.
  • Enjoy your beautifully crafted festive card with a subtle drop shadow effect on the sentiment layer.

Creating a Christmas card with Chloe's Creative Cards Christmas Collection is not only easy but also cost-effective. Feel free to experiment with colours and involve your family in this joyful crafting activity. Download the free digi stamps and get creative! Don't forget to subscribe to the Craft Stash YouTube channel for more inspiring ideas.

Download the FREE Template below:

Watch the full video tutorial here!