NEW Gemini Stamp & Die Sets Birthday Month Flowers

Just as you have a birthstone and star sign, you also have birth flowers, depending on the month in which you were born. The Birthday Month Floral range of stamp & die sets from Gemini features the beautiful birth flower for each month of the year.

This year, send best wishes to your family and friends with flowers with this perfectly personalised collection!


Find your birth month flower and create perfectly personalised cards!

Each set includes thoughtful sentiments reflecting the qualities linked to each pretty posy, so we’ve laid out a full calendar of cardmaking creations below to offer some inspiration. Why not scroll down to see which flower you are?

January – Carnation

The flower for January is the colourful carnation, traditionally associated with devotion and loyalty. This stamp and die set has 14 pieces, featuring a posy of ruffled-petal carnations as well as sweet and thoughtful sentiments.

February – Primrose

Primroses are thought to symbolise young love, and as a birth flower, it is associated with undying affection. So if you’re a February baby you have a few strings to your bow! The February set features this sweet little flower along with matching sentiments and even a Wordsworth quotation -everything you need to make the most adorable cards, just like this one!

March – Daffodil

For many, seeing the first daffodil poking its cheerful head above the cold earth means that Spring is on its way. It’s no surprise then that the birth flower for March represents rebirth and prosperity. This set has everything you need to put the Daffodil in centre stage to create bright and cheery creations!

April – Daisy

The daffodil is the national flower of Wales, perhaps because it is usually in flower on St David’s day, 1 March. As a birth flower for March and a harbinger of spring, daffodils have traditionally been associated with rebirth and happiness – though some believe that presenting a single flower will bring the recipient bad luck. Personally, we prefer to think that even one daffodil is better than none! This set features 20 stamps and dies so you can create a field of these adorable wildflowers in your cardmaking projects!

May – Lily of the Valley

For May we have the Lily of the Valley. Though small, these delicate blooms are known for radiating a sweet summer smell and symbolise sweetness and humility. This set will help you bring this tiny flower to life for an elegant look.

June – Rose

Who doesn’t love a rose? Well, if your birthday is in June you have even more reason to fall for these beautiful blooms. Roses are so popular each colour has its own meaning, but traditionally the rose is associated with beauty, love and devotion. And this set will help you bring that beauty to life to send something special this summer!

July – Delphinium

Delphiniums traditionally represent positivity and grace so these statuesque woodland blooms are the perfect way to raise a smile! This set has everything you need to craft perfect cards for those with July birthdays.

August – Gladiolus

The gladiolus is also one of the two birth flowers for August, symbolising honesty and strength of personality. It is also commonly given on fortieth wedding anniversaries. The 16-piece the August Gladiolus set reflects this with sentiments including ‘Stay Strong’ and ‘Follow Your Passion.’

September – Aster

Representing wisdom, the name Aster is thought to come from the ancient Greek for ‘star’ and is set is sure to make your cardmaking projects shine just like this purple sensation! This set celebrates the vivid autumnal bloom with seasonal sentiments such as ‘You’re a Star’ and ‘Hello Autumn.’

October – Marigold

This bold autumnal bloom is thought to represent creativity and hard work. This set includes sentiments such as ‘Warm Wishes’ and ‘You Have a Heart of Gold’ – perfectly matched with the warm colour palette in this lovely creation.

November – Chrysanthemum

In some parts of the world, the chrysanthemum is associated with death and used largely for funerals. But there’s no need to worry about that in the UK where, as the birth flower for November, it connotes honesty and cheerfulness. So, let your creativity blossom with this set to create something very special for your November friends!

December – Poinsettia

Known as the Christmas Flower, December’s poinsettia represents good cheer, mirth and celebration and this card is certainly filled with the spirit of happiness! But, don’t worry December babies won’t be forgotten as this set also includes special birthday sentiments!


Well, that was a whistle-stop tour of the year! Whether you’re sending a sympathetic lily or a loving rose, there’s enough in this flourishing bouquet of blooms to think beyond birthdays, so why not collect the whole bunch!

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