How to use Groovi Plates for embossing on parchment

The Groovi Plate and Groovi embossing tools make embossing parchment really easy. Instead of tracing and then following the lines with an embossing tool, you simply follow the grooves in the plates.


So now you can see why it’s named Groovi, because you simply follow the grooves with your groovi tool! There are lots of Groovi Plate designs to choose from and you can mix and match to achieve unique designs for your cardmaking and crafting.

groovi plate butterfly wreath

Where you have pushed down on the embossing tool using either the sharper or softer ball end of the tool will create white raised lines, contrasting with the transluscency of the parchment or vellum paper. When this is layered over coloured card the white designs look stunning.

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In this video you’ll see how simple it can be to achieve beautifully embossed parchment.