3 quick colouring techniques cute christmas cards
3 quick colouring techniques - Cute Christmas Stamps available at CraftStash

How to colour stamps quickly! In this fun stamping video  @LouCollins  shares 3 ways to colour stamped images quickly and easily. Let us know in the comments whether you struggle with colouring stamps? You never have to look at a stamp again and think it will take ages to colour, or worry that you don't have the skills - simply follow these great stamp colouring ideas. Lou is using stamps from the Adventures in Ink Cute Christmas Collection

3 Quick Stamping Techniques

Watch the video to see exactly how Lou achieves quick results when colouring stamps. The perfect colouring tutorial for any of you that are put off stamping because of the fear of the time and skill needed to colour the stamps.

how to colour stamps quickly - paper piecing
Paper Piecing - Quick Colouring Technique!

Technique 1: Paper Piecing

Paper piecing is a wonderful technique that adds depth and vibrancy to your stamped images. This method involves stamping certain parts of the image onto coloured cardstock and then layering them onto the main image.

Lou suggests leaving some parts of the image white, such as intricate details that can be hard to colour in. and take time. To create shadows and give the image a three-dimensional feel, she uses a light gray alcohol pen. This technique not only adds a pop of color to your stamps but also creates an interesting visual contrast that catches the eye.

how to colour stamps quickly - monochrome coloring

Technique 2: Monochrome Stamping with Accent Colors

The second technique Lou Collins introduces is monochrome stamping with accent colours. This method involves creating a monochrome stamped image and highlighting specific sections with accent colours.

To add texture to the background, Lou recommends using a pale grey blending ink and water. He also incorporates a masking technique to stamp multiple images without overlap. The result? A beautifully textured background that enhances the vibrancy of the accent colours. This technique is perfect for those who love playing with colour contrasts.

how to colour stamps quickly - selective colouring

Technique 3: Selective Coloring

The final technique discussed by Lou is selective coloring. This involves coloring in specific elements of the stamp, leaving the rest in black and white.

Especially effective with penguin stamps due to their natural black and white coloring, this method allows the colored sections to stand out against the monochrome background. By choosing contrasting colors for the colored sections, you can create a visually appealing piece that's sure to impress.

Try these stamp colouring techniques yourself!

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