Hello cardmakers! Today we're talking about hot foiling using the innovative Glimmer Hot Foil Machine This guide will help you master hot foiling from the moment your machine arrives.

Hot foiling adds a professional, shiny finish to your projects, similar to heat embossing but with a debossed texture. This technique allows for elegant, eye-catching designs that resist ink and other mediums applied over them.

Getting Started with Your Hot Foil Machine

Step 1: Power Up

hotfoiling with a glimmer
  • Locate the on/off button at the back of your machine. Turn it on and wait for the red light to turn green, indicating it’s ready for use.

Step 2: Prepare Your Die Cutting Machine

  • Check the manufacturer’s website to ensure compatibility. Popular choices include the Spellbinders Glimmer Hot Foil System, which works with Sizzix Switch, Spellbinders Platinum and Platinum 6, and Crafter's Companion Gemini.

Step 3: Assemble Your Plates

  • Your hot foil machine comes with a clear plate and a thin shim. If needed, add a piece of cardstock to tighten your sandwich.
Hot foiling

The Hot Foiling Process

Step 4: Setting Up

  • Place your hot foil plates on the heating pad once the machine is ready (green light on).
  • For accurate placement, I recommend marking your heating pad with dots using a permanent marker.
hot foiling

Step 5: Add Your Foil and Cardstock

  • Place the foil shiny side down on your plate. You can label your foil for easy reference.
  • Hit the white button on the machine and wait for the blinking green light to turn solid.
  • Lay down your cardstock, followed by the thin shim and the clear plate.

Step 6: Run Through the Die Cutting Machine

  • Pull the platform out of the machine and slowly run it through your die cutting machine. Keeping your hand on the machine helps maintain stability.

Troubleshooting Tips

Issue 1: Over Foiling

  • If you notice foil where it shouldn't be, use a sandpaper eraser to remove excess foil.
  • Cut your foil slightly larger than your plate to avoid this issue.

Issue 2: Poor Foil Transfer

  • Try using a different brand of cardstock. Cardstock quality can affect foiling results.
  • If the sandwich isn't thick enough, add a piece of cardstock between the thin shim and the cutting plate.

Can You Use Regular Dies?

  • Yes, you can use regular dies in the Glimmer machine. The raised cut lines will foil, but the results are generally thinner than with hot foil plates.

Learn More

To find out more hot foiling, including advanced techniques and troubleshooting, visit justin.com/foil for a free course packed with inspiration and detailed guidance.

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