How To Make Any Card Kinetic

Earlier this week we shared about how to make a kinetic shutter card.  In case you aren’t familiar with kinetic cards, they’re cards with an element of motion. There are different types of kinetic cards, and they vary in difficulty level. However, you don’t have to be intimidated! They can be simple to make and the results are SO FUN!

It’s easy to make any card a kinetic card. All you need is the right supplies. We love brads and wobble springs to add a kinetic element that’s quick and playful. Janette shares a sneak peek at how to use brads to add kinetic panels and also how to add wobble springs to this fun underwater-themed card in this video:

Also you can add a little “motion” to your card with special folds and pop ups. This diamond gatefold card not only stands alone, but it moves as you open and close it! There are also special dies, like the Apple Blossom Spinner and Slider die set, that allow you to die cut “slider and spinner tracks” into your cards. This tutorial shows how to create a slider card with the Apple Blossom Spinner and Slider Die set.

So lets recap! There are many ways to add a kinetic element to your cards. Here’s the handful we mentioned:


-Wobble Springs

-Apple Blossom Spinner & Slider set

-Special cardfolding techniques

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