How to Make Spiderwebs with a Glue Gun

11 Sep 2018 0 Comments All, Halloween

Here’s an easy craft tutorial for how to make spiderwebs with a glue gun. This is a great trick for adding a spooky and realistic element to your festive Halloween projects! What we love about this craft tip is that you can build your stash of webs and then use them at a later time. Plus we love finding other uses for our craft tools!

Here’s what you’ll need:

-Glue gun (We used the Stix 2 Hot Melt Mini 10W Glue Gun)

Glue Sticks

-Heat resistant, non-stick craft mat

Liquid adhesive of you choice (to glue your cobwebs to your project)

Watch the video for the complete tutorial:

*Card made with stamps from Creative Stamping 60.