How to Use Light Source with Alcohol Markers

03 Sep 2018 0 Comments Design Team

You can get vibrant and realistic colouring if you learn how to do proper shading and blending with your markers. But also it’s helpful if you colour in the proper direction of your light source. Copic Colourist, Clare Rowlands has some helpful suggestions for how to use light source to colour with alcohol markers.

Clare recommends that beginners not worry too much about light source. As long as you have a combination of lights and darks, your image will have depth and dimension. This Elfin Mouse stamp image is from Clare’s new Daisy Mae Christmas line:

Clare has coloured this image with the light source coming in all directions. However, if you want to colour while being mindful of the direction of your light source, then draw an X on your paper, and picture your light source coming from that direction.

The colours closer to the X will be light and the colours further from the X will be darker. Watch the video below to see Clare demonstrate this technique:

Do you love Clare’s colouring? You can see how to colour a stamp from start to finish here.

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