Win a unique hand-drawn originally signed painting by Jane Davenport

08 Feb 2019 0 Comments All

Jane Davenport is an artist, bestselling author and the Creative Director for Jane Davenport Mixed Media art supplies! Jane demonstrates tips and techniques for drawing and painting through her online art school, and believes that drawing is a delightful pastime that can build confidence that flows into all aspects of life.

Prior to becoming an artist, instructor, and author Jane’s had quite an amazing journey! It all started off in fashion, Jane studied in Paris and worked her way up to be the creative director for a fashion company as well as designing her own label.

The fun certainly didn’t stop there, Jane discovered her next adventure in a brilliant, slightly amusing way. Jane moved to London to work on Bond Street, so her mother came to visit and ended up buying too many shoes, which meant she didn’t have the room to take her new camera back with her so she left it in London. London Fashion week was coming up so Jane thought this was the perfect opportunity to sneak in as a photographer, amazingly sparking off Jane’s runway photographer career!

In 2010 Jane discovered art Journaling and Mix Media which stole her heart! This brings us onto Jane’s latest launch – Making Faces. The Making Faces Collection are amazing art supplies inspired by makeup! From beautiful detailed gold-scale brushes that would grace any dressing table not just your art supplies, to silky-smooth, water-soluble gel crayons that glide on to multiple surfaces like a luxury lipstick! This collection is perfect for people who are wanting to get into painting and mix media!

We have a special prize for you – You could win a unique hand-drawn originally signed painting by Jane Davenport! 3 chances to win

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