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Getting started with journaling can be made so much easier when you have the support of some great groups of interested (and interesting) people to help you along. Joining a journaling group or two will give you daily inspiration for planning your pages, spotting new journaling supplies you need and you’ll be able to join in with challenges which will help take your journaling to the next level.

There are so many different journaling styles, from junk journaling through to bullet journaling – you’re sure to find the right style for you.

Planner and Journaling Groups on Facebook
bullet journalling for beginners

Bullet Journal Beginners

We spoke to admin Christine Maria about this brilliant Bullet Journaling group and how it came about.

Bullet Journal Beginners began a little over 2 years ago when our group creator discovered this new thing called Bullet Journaling. She wanted a place for beginners to go that would be welcoming to everyone and would be an inspiration to those who are interested in doing their own journals whether they are artistic or prefer to be minimal. We have members from all over the world, and from all different creative aspects as well as minimalists.

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art journal
Image by Monette Lassiter of Art Journaling for Beginners

Art Journaling for Beginners  

We chatted to Monette Lassiter the admin of this wonderful group which is all about art journaling with a focus on people new to the hobby. She says that Art Journaling for Beginners is “an encouraging and safe place for new art journalers to share and learn.
Art journaling isn’t a complex and difficult activity that only “artists” can do. Art Journaling for Beginners is based on making art, creativity and self-expression available to everyone. We’re doing that by offering our members encouragement and support in a friendly place to share their creativity and learn more about the process. Art Journaling is NOT just for artists – you can do this too!”

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junk journal facebook group
Junk Journal and Mindful Mixed Media Art

Junk journals are great fun, this group is full of inspiration! We spoke to admin Lou Withers of JJAMMA (J.unk J.ournal A.nd M.indful M.ixed M.edia A.rt). 

“I created the group just over a year ago; I wanted a caring, supportive, sharing and safe group that people could feel at ease showing their work, a group free from uncomfortable negativity, sarcasm or bad vibes, one just full of inspiration.

The group is run by a team of wonderful Artists/ crafters people with one thing in common a passion to create and make art. The team are Aitch, Sue Ralph, Tamara Hoggan, Emma Blake, Tamara Morton, Carolyn Craven, Lisa Taggart Tina Teasdale, and Pat Johnstone. Suzejo O’Connell and our USA overseer Anna Hedburg.

The group has 5700 members and is growing, each member is important and we all support each other, it lets people know that they are not alone and that they really matter and their work is very important. It’s funny but we all have problems of all kinds but sometimes you just want to forget them for a short time. JJAMMMA is a safe place for people to do JUST that with the assurance of support. No moaning or groaning just art and craft, just kindness and compassion.

We have competitions, ATC swaps, Tag swaps, challenges sponsored by big companies, lots of Famous crafters and household names that encourage and inspire members to create. Most importantly though they are in the group themselves to create art.

Every member matters and I am in awe that it’s growing so fast. Every morning I get up and smile as I open my computer, go to the group and see the amazing work people have shared the amazing comments and most of all, the safe and supportive atmosphere that has been created. I am so lucky”

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A few more groups you may want to take a look at!

Bullet Journal & Planner spreads

Planner addicts UK

Bullet Journal Newbies

List of Planner and Journaling hashtags to follow

Heading to Instagram is a great way to get really quick inspiration for your next journal pages… be warned you may lose yourself for hours! If you’re new to Instagram, just pop the hashtag you’re interested in into the search bar and you’ll find all the posts where people have used that tag. Or just click on the links below. It’s a great way to find people who fit your style of journaling and start following their posts.

bullet journal hashtags


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