New The Magic Roundabout 2 Collection!

We are so excited to bring you a brand new Magic Roundabout collection, exclusively available at CraftStash! This is the second collection after the huge success of our first release with this fabulous licensed collection.

What is The Magic Roundabout?

The Magic Roundabout is an iconic British children's television show that first aired in 1964. The show takes place in a magical world where all the characters live at the base of a large roundabout. The main character, Dougal the dog, is always up to mischief and often gets himself into trouble with his curious nature. He is joined by his friends, including Ermintrude the cow, Brian the snail, Dylan the rabbit, and Zebedee – a spring-like creature who acts as their wise leader!

In the collection, you will find:

The show was a huge success and quickly gained a cult following, with its unique blend of humor, fantasy, and surrealism. The Magic Roundabout has become a beloved part of British culture, with many children growing up watching the show and adults fondly remembering it from their childhood.

Pop Up Card Tutorial using the NEW Magic Roundabout Collection!