Matting & Layering with the Easymat

04 Oct 2018 0 Comments All, Essentials, Tools

Would you like to create perfect mats and save card stock all at once? Then this new matting and layering tool is just what you need! The Easymat by Scarlett Rose Crafts allows you to create mats and layers for your cards without losing any excess card. Usually when you mat and layer you lose the card that’s covered by the top layers, but the Easymat allows you to get the most use out of your prized paper. Now besides creating mats and layers you can also create pierced designs, apertures and frames.
The Easymat is a plastic board that comes with pierced holes and measuring guides with half inch increments etched onto the surface. With the help of a pokey tool and a piercing foam mat (sold separately) you can pierce your paper according to the measurements you need.  You’ll also need a craft knife, a steel ruler, and a cutting mat. Watch the Easymat tutorial video below for the full instructions.The beauty of the Easymat is that you can create multiple layers and mats from one piece of card stock. No piece goes unwasted. And this is perfect when you’re using foil or glitter card which is on the pricier side….You won’t have to cover it and you’ll be able to recover the piece that is usually hidden by the top layer.

You can also create diamond trails and designs with the Easymat. You can pierce your designs using the piercing guides and either leave it as is, do a bit of hand stitching with thread, add Nuvo Drops, or  glue perfectly spaced gemstones or pearls onto your card. There are other Scarlett Rose Diamond Trail designs available on the Craftstash website, so check those out too if you have a moment.

Watch the Matting & Layering with the Scarlett Rose Crafts Easymat demonstration below:

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