New Collection from Made To Surprise by Sam Calcott: Introducing the Frame It Mini Collection

Welcome to the latest Made To Surprise collection from Sam Calcott! In this video, Sam is unveiling the new Frame It Mini collection, designed to work with the popular Slide and Reveal die sets. But these versatile frames are not just for slide and reveal cards—they're perfect for creating stunning shaker cards, dioramas, and much more.

What's in the Collection?

New Frames

The collection includes two new frame editions to fit the Slide and Reveal die sets. The 6x6 and 5x7 frames can be used alone or to enhance your existing cards with extra flair. Use them to create depth and dimension in your projects.

Featured Frame Designs

  • Beautiful Blooms Frame: This 5x7 frame comes with a set of floral elements to layer and create 3D effects. It's perfect for creating elegant and intricate card designs.
  • Birthday Fun Frame: This 6x6 frame features a party theme, complete with icons like balloons, party hats, and bunting. It's a fun and playful addition to your card-making toolkit.

Slide & Reveal Die Sets

We've relaunched the Slide and Reveal die sets in 6x6 and 5x7 sizes, perfect for creating interactive cards. These die sets are compatible with the new frames, offering endless creative possibilities.

New Sentiment Dies

The collection introduces new big-word sentiment dies. These bold sentiments are perfect for adding a strong focal point to your cards. The set includes words like "party," "wish," "birthday," "celebrate," and "retirement." Each word comes with an outline die to create a layered effect.

New Sentiment Stamps

To complement the sentiment dies, we have a new set of label sentiment stamps. This set features a variety of sentiments, including "enjoy your," "let's," "happy," "birthday," "party," and more. These stamps can be mixed and matched with the die sets for customized messages.

Get Your Hands on the Collection While Stocks Last!

if you want to see this new collection being demonstrated then check out the video below that takes you through creating a Slide and Reveal card with this new collection.

How to Create a Stunning Slide and Reveal Card with Unique Frame Designs

Crafting the Base of the Card

To begin, cut two identical frames using the die set. Double them up to increase stability, using 300 GSM cardstock for a strong base. This ensures your card holds up well when the slide and reveal mechanism is activated.

Next, fold and burnish the score lines on your card base. Make sure to fold in both directions to avoid cracking. This step is crucial for creating a smooth-moving card.

Creating the Slide and Reveal Mechanism

Once your base is ready, add strips to create the tracks for the slide and reveal mechanism. These strips should have a bit of bounce to allow the card to open and close smoothly. Wrap them around the edges, leaving enough space for the moving parts. Apply construction glue to ensure they stay in place.

With the tracks in place, insert the sliding elements and ensure they move freely without catching. If needed, adjust the position of the tracks to maintain a smooth glide. This is the critical step that brings your card to life, allowing it to reveal hidden elements as it slides open.

Adding Decorative Elements

To add decorative elements to your card, use the die set to create 3D effects. I used my butterfly galore set to cut out butterflies and attached them to acetate strips for a floating effect. This gives the card a dynamic appearance when it's opened.

To further enhance the decoration, I used the make a wish sentiment in silver heat embossing. The large sentiment adds a striking visual contrast and complements the frame designs. For additional flair, you can use faceted gems to add sparkle and dimension to your card.

Final Touches and Variations

For a unique twist, I used a strip of acetate to suspend the sentiment, giving it an ethereal look. The combination of white-on-white with a touch of sparkle creates a classic and elegant feel. To show how versatile these frames are, I also demonstrated a colorful variation by coloring the flowers with alcohol markers and using a black card blank for contrast.

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