Paula Pascual Interview

24 May 2019 0 Comments All, Design Team

How long have you been crafting for?

I guess I’ve been crafting for thirty years. Papercrafting came a little later when I was 15 I think when my grandma suggested I made some Christmas cards and I did. Never stopped. So paper crafting and card making for 24 years!

What do you love the most about crafting?

There are so many things to love about crafting, creating something out of nothing, the thrill of using colour… but I suppose overall, it’s the fact of focusing your mind on something and letting yourself go in that project. Enjoying the process without pressure.

In a week how much of it do you spend crafting?

Depends. Some weeks a lot because part of my job requires me to spend time crafting to create projects, but I guess about 4 hours a week of my personal time on average.

Tell me about your background in papercrafts.

How long have you got? I came to the UK from my native Spain back in July 2002. My best friend suggested I sell my handmade cards, so I started doing that. Then someone suggested I teach how to make them and started my first full-time job as a sales assistant at a Craft shop. Then after two years, I left to be a freelance demonstrator and designer, working for wholesalers, shops and manufacturers like Craftwork Cards. I also did numerous articles for craft magazines and got two craft books published. During those years I was one of the assistants to Dawn Bibby QVC team, helping to set up shows and even going on air a few times which, actually, I didn’t enjoy at the time. Then I joined Sizzix for a few years as one of their creative designers, creating projects and designing dies (including the bundle in the Big Shot starter kit which I am really proud of!). Then I left to be a freelance. And after a few years, I was asked by Tonic Studios to be one of their on-air Tv demonstrators and as I needed a new challenged I said yes. I absolutely hated being back on-air for the first day, but I learnt to love it and its one of my favourite aspects of my job.

During this time I also published another three craft books: Paper Pom Poms, Day of the Dead crafting and Snowflake. I joined Practical Publishing last November because I really wanted to go back into designing craft products. And it has been amazing to be back creating concepts and still get to share all my love of crafting across different platforms.

Exciting stories? Well, the new collections that are coming up with Bright Rosa!

Where’s the best place to find all of your fabulous inspiration?

I suppose my Instagram @paulabmpascual that’s where I post my latest stuff, as well as Facebook.

Who do you admire most in the crafting world and why?

There are many people that I admire, but there are three people who I admire in this industry above all and those are Leonie Pujol, Pete Hughes and Julie Hickey. All three I knew their work and admired it from afar before I met them in person. Do You know that saying of “do not meet your heroes”? well, completely the opposite with them. They are not only the most talented crafters and designers; they are also the most wonderful human beings that year after year they keep inspiring me and pushing me to do better both as a crafter and as a person.

What’s your favourite craft tool & why?

Only one? I mean I love a die cutting machine, a Tonic guillotine… but I suppose ultimately the very basics are good paper or card and good glue (Nuvo Deluxe is one of my favourites). Without them, nothing in papercraft would be created.

What advice do you have for newbies?

Just don’t be afraid. They are pieces of paper after all. So if you mess them, it’s not the end. Grab another piece of paper and start again. And experiment, you will enjoy even the mistakes.

Where do you get your inspiration for your designs?

I get a lot of inspiration from Home Décor and fashion. But I suppose more than anything is when I start playing with what I have and let my mind think: “What if…? Would that work?”

What are a few things that you absolutely love?!

Colour, chocolate, and sunsets. Aside from paper, flowers, books, stationery, design, travelling, food…

What is something that your friends would consider “so you”?

Chocolate and sunsets. And dancing.

What’s your favourite genre of book or movie?

Books? I like a mixture but good interesting novels, poetry, and movies, classic films like Casablanca, The Third Man and a good Hitchcock one.

Do you have any interesting facts?

About myself? I was born on Christmas Day!

What are your hobbies?

I love making paper flowers, but I suppose art journaling is my main one.

What do you do to relax?

Reading, and going to nearby places that bring me joy, especially at sunset time.

You used to live in Spain, why did you move?

I was born in Spain and then met someone who lived in London. We got married and I moved here. I love living in England so never went back (except for Christmas and holidays).

Apart from the sun what’s the best bit about living in Spain?

I actually prefer the English weather, Majorcan summers are too hot. But I do miss the food and the sound of Spanish. But overall I love living in England, especially in the little market town in the Northamptonshire countryside where I currently live.

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