Review: Big Shot vs Big Shot Plus

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Sizzix Big Shot vs Big Shot Plus Review – Which should you buy?

Die-cutting machines are a staple tool every crafter should own, especially to create some amazing paper craft projects! There’s so much you can do… Today we’re looking at the similarities and differences between the Sizzix Big Plus and also the original Sizzix Big Shot die-cutting machines. Watch the video review of these amazing machines and read our review below.

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The original Sizzix Big Shot!

sizzix big shot reviewThese two Sizzix machines are reliable and great quality, especially if you’re on the fence about which to get. Both are fantastic options!


The Sizzix Big Shot Plus

Similarities between the Big Shot and Big Shot Plus:

-Both die-cut and emboss with wafer thin or steel rule dies.

-Cuts various materials with the right die (paper, leather, felt, fabric, fun foam, etc.)

-Platforms for die-cutting and embossing included

-Compatible with most dies and embossing folders on the market.

-Both hand cranked

-Both white and grey in colour.

Differences between the Big Shot and Big Shot Plus:

Big Shot Plus:

-9 in wide platform area

-Platform fits A4 sized card or 8.5x11in.
-Slightly more cutting pressure due to larger size rollers
-Larger platforms and adapters for embossing and die cutting larger dies and embossing folders.

-Can use bigger dies and embossing folders on the market.

Big Shot:
-6 in wide platform area (card stock, embossing folders, and dies all have to be less than 6 inches wide to fit in machine)

-Since Big Shot is the more popular of the Sizzix machines there are more accessories that fit it like the magnetic platform or the accessory Tool Caddy .
-Includes Multipurpose platform



Both the Big Shot and Big Shot Plus are great quality die cutting machines. They’re both an investment as well. However, if you have room for it, we’d recommend the Plus. The platform is bigger, you’re not limited to die or embossing folder size since it works with larger dies. But again, it depends on if you have the room for it in your craft room. It’s heavy and bulky and moving it around a lot could be quite tiresome, so keep that in mind as well!


For tips on getting the most from your die-cutting read our post Die-cutting Tips and Tricks.  Or are you interested in a Sizzix Foldaway and want to see how it compares to the Big Shot? Click here!

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