So Sweet

Step by step

  1. Create and print three panels of digital solid blue paper measuring 13cm square, 8.5×10.5cm and 9x6cm. Print a 12.5cm-square piece and a 8x10cm piece of patterned paper.
  2. Crop the digital sentiment to measure 8.5×5.5cm and print it. Layer the patterned paper printed in Step 1 and the sentiment onto the solid blue pieces of paper.
  3. Affix the assembled panels from Step 2 onto the card front as shown, using 3D foam pads to affix the sentiment panel.
  4. Print two small flowers, cut them out and secure them to the top-right and bottom-left corners of the sentiment panel. Affix threaded buttons the flowers to finish.

By Shani Thomas, as featured in Simply Cards & Papercraft issue 145.


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