A Quick and Artsy Card with a Spotlight Twist: A Tutorial by Lou Collins

In this tutorial Lou is going to show you how to create a fun and artsy card with a unique twist on the spotlight technique. This project is quick, simple, and has a surprise element that I think you'll love.

What You'll Need

  • Stamping platform
  • Watercolour card stock (I'm using Craft Das)
  • Sheena's Nouveau Florals Stamp Set
  • Gold embossing powder
  • Watercolours or other colouring tools
  • Embossing ink (VersaMark is my go-to)
  • Heat gun
  • Thin copy paper
  • Black ink (I prefer VersaFine or Memento)
  • Card base
  • Magnets for holding paper in place

Creating the Spotlight with a Twist

To start, I'm using a watercolour card as my base. This material is perfect for stamping and watercolouring without much warping. For my stamped image, I'm using the Sheena Nouveau Florals Stamp Set. It has a large flower that's great for the spotlight technique.

  1. Stamping the Image: Place the card stock on your stamping platform and position the flower stamp at the top of your card. Ink it up with black ink and stamp it firmly onto the card stock. Once you're happy with the impression, let it dry completely.
  2. Adding the Spotlight: Now that the ink has dried, position two sheets of thin copy paper horizontally across the stamped image, leaving a gap for the spotlight. This gap is where you'll add your gold embossing and colour. With the stamp still in place, re-ink it with clear embossing ink. Press it down onto the card stock within the exposed gap, and then apply gold embossing powder. Tap off the excess and heat set it with a heat gun. You'll get a beautiful gold stripe through the middle of the black-stamped image.
  3. Adding Colour: With the gold embossing in place, use your preferred colouring tools to add some life to the spotlight area. I'm using watercolours for a quick and vibrant effect. Start with darker colours at the centre and gradually lighten them as you move outward. You can mix in a second colour to add depth and variety.
  4. Creating an Artsy Look: To give the card a unique touch, I like to add a few drips. Wet your brush and load it with colour, then let droplets fall onto the card to create a dripping effect. You might need to guide the drips a bit, and you can adjust the angle of the card to control the flow. This step adds a fun, artsy vibe to the card.
  5. Finishing the Card: Once the colour and drips have dried, it's time to complete the card. Take a sentiment stamp and position it on the card. I chose "Beauty and strength come from within" and stamped it off to the side, aligning it with the drips for an interesting look. Then, mat the panel onto a folded black card stock. This black border makes the colours pop and gives the card a polished finish. Trim any excess edges, and your card is ready to go!

This card is a quick and artsy way to add some colour and interest to a traditional spotlight technique. The gold embossing and dripping watercolours give it a modern twist, making it a perfect project for any level of crafter. If you enjoyed this tutorial, make sure to check out more of our card-making videos on the channel. Don't forget to subscribe, and I'll see you in the next video! Take care, everyone!

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