Step by Step: Crafter’s Companion foil transfers and rolls

Now stocking the fantastic Crafter’s Companion Foil Transfers and Foil Rolls, here is a quick demo of how to make the most of these amazing products! Take a look at our wonderful range of in-stock items below. With flourishes, butterflies, lace and more to use alongside rich metallic shades, add intricate shine to your papercraft makes.


Video Transcript:

When you’re doing your foil transfer sheets if you’ve got sheets like this you can cut out whichever bits you like. If you want to do a big background sheet it’s better to do it all in one. We’re going to remove the plastic sheet from the back of your transfer, place that onto your piece of card once you’re happy where it’s set. With a background piece like this you want to make sure you catch every single bit of detail because you don’t want anything to miss off. What I’ll do with the lolly stick is I rub firmly but not hard, cause you want to make sure all the adhesive sticks but you don’t want any of it to go where it shouldn’t. Like I said with the background you want to make sure every bit of detail picks up.

That should just about do it.

When you remove the adhesive sheet you want to make sure you do it in one quick sweep because if you pull slowly the adhesive will stretch and string. 

Take your piece of foil and place it shiny coloured side up over your design. You want to take the clear plastic sheet you removed and place that over the top of the foil so that when you rub this over the foil, it won’t actually disturb it and it won’t make any stringy marks. Nice and slowly, but firmly again make sure you cover it all. 

The more time and care you take, the better your design will look. Hopefully you should have, with one quick sweep again, a finished foil design.

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