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Step by Step: Square Gift Box

Claire Newcombe of Creative Makings shows how to make the Square Gift Box, from Creative Dies Plus, in a few simple steps. This little box is ideal for party or wedding favours and much, much more! Dress it up beautifully with the stunning, co-ordinating bow, tag and window dies from the Gift Box Collection.

Square Gift Box Creative Dies Plus
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Square Box Die Claire Newcombe Gift Box Collection

Step 1: Die cut 2 of the box panels. To ensure the score lines are visible a second pass through a die cutting machine with a shim may be required.
Step 2: Fold and burnish each of the scored lines with a bone folder.

Square Box Die Claire Newcombe Gift Box Collection

Step 3: Arrange panels and apply adhesive to the smallest tab, as shown. The white being the inside of the box (and face up on just one panel)
Step 4: Place one panel on top of the other, insides together and join with the tabs.

Gift Box Collection Creative Dies Plus

Step 5: Turn the box over and apply adhesive on the two shorter opposite tabs. Close the remaining tabs to close the base of the box.
Step 6: Fold the handles on top of the box back on themselves just slightly.

Step 7: As the lid closes ensure the half circle sections align and lay flat against each other.
Step 8: And your gorgeous Square Gift Box is complete! Dress up with co-ordinating dies from the range.

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