Trim sentiment stamps to make new words!

01 Jun 2018 0 Comments All, Stamping techniques

Did you know you can trim your sentiment  / word stamps to make new words?  We discovered this when we came across a typo in one of our stamp sets!

How to Use Stamps with Typos

Whoops! One of our Apple Blossom stamp sets has an ironic typo! There was an error during the designing/manufacturing process and as a result one of the sentiments is misspelled. It’s no one’s fault really and these manufacturing errors can happen. We wanted to show you how you can still use these stamps to create a silly and absolutely ridiculous card!

It’s important to note that typos and mistakes do happen in lots of stamps (and stickers) across the crafting industry. But you don’t have to throw them out. Here’s some tips to try on your problem stamps:


  1. Use the misspelled stamp as is to create a funny or ironic card. In our case, the problem stamp says “THE PEFECT PAIR” instead of “PERFECT”. You can still use it to make a humorous card. Imagine using it in a scrapbook page with a silly picture of you and a loved one!
  2. You can trim off any typos by using a craft knife or precision scissors and then use the stamp with another stamp in your stash. If you remove the word PEFECT, you can still use PAIR in conjunction with a stamped word like “Happy” or “Lovely”. Just dig in your stash for a replacement word!
  3. Trim up the letters in “PEFECT” to create an alternate word.      With the letters P-E-F-E-C-T  you can spell “FEET” or “PET” or even “TEE”. There’s more you can spell, but we’ll leave it to your imagination;)


Despite the typo, this Apple Blossom Birds Galore stamp set is adorable and very usable! Plus, it’s available at a discounted price! Grab a bargain and have a laugh too!


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