How To Use Nuvo Drops

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How to use Nuvo Drops!

Nuvo Drops are a fantastic self-levelling liquid that can create stunning enamel or glitter effects when added to a project. When Nuvo Drops are squeezed onto a surface they create a dimensional element with a smooth, enamel-like finish. They’re a great way to add some fun detail to your projects. Just keep in mind, drying time varies from 1 hour to 3 hours, depending on the surface applied. To avoid smudges or accidents set your cards out of reach until dry.

How to Use Nuvo Drops
1. Squeeze a little liquid onto a scratch piece of paper to make sure the flow of the liquid is steady.

2. Hold the bottle about 1mm directly over your paper or surface and squeeze to the desired amount. (Don’t put the nozzle directly on your paper, or you risk creating a donut shape instead of a dot.)

3. Lift the bottle straight up once you’re done squeezing. If your drop is shaped like a peak, no worries, it will level out as it dries.

How To Create Enamel Dots
Use either wax paper, a non-stick craft mat, or a glass mat to squeeze some dots onto your surface. Allow 1-3 hours to dry. Gently remove dry enamel dots and store in a cool place for later use.

How to Create a Heart with Nuvo Drops
Squeeze two dots of the same size onto your surface. Make sure the dots are placed pretty close together. Use either a pin or die pick to drag the liquid of both circles downwards to meet at the centre. Allow to dry.

How to Create a Chevron Pattern with Nuvo Drops
Use 2 to 3 colours to create a colour pattern row of dots. You can use as many colours as you like. Take a pin or die pick and drag the tip down the centre of the row of dots. This will give you a chevron, almost braided effect. Allow to dry.

How to Create Eyeballs with Nuvo Drops
Squeeze an Oyster Grey dot onto your surface. Then squeeze a smaller dot of Ebony Black directly on top in the centre of the Oyster Grey drop. Once dry this will give you an eyeball shape!



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