Why is craft so important?

27 May 2020 0 Comments All

We are living in a self-isolation situation that doesn’t allow us to do much outside our home. So, now more than ever, we consider it’s very important to find hobbies that keep ourselves busy. If you are bored at home or simply looking for a new hobby, here are some reasons why crafting is good for you. You can also find 11 Productive Things to do when you are bored at home here.

1) Health and mental benefits.

Firstly, crafting will help you to improve your hand-eye and spatial coordination thanks to the detailed work involved. Also, it gives you a reason to use your hands for something other than typing!

For over a century, crafting has been used as a distinct health field around the end of the first world war in response to the needs of returned soldiers. Knitting, basket weaving, and other craft activities were commonplace in the repatriation support offered throughout much of the English-speaking world to the returned veterans of the two world wars. This was considered diversional therapy (taking your mind off the pain and negative thoughts), as well as skills-development geared towards re-entering the civilian workforce. Check out all our products here.

2) Crafting allows you to learn new skills.

With the great variety of skills required for the many different types of craft projects out there, you can learn a lot quickly. Have a look at our Youtube Channel to get crafting ideas here. You could focus on one skill and become a master at that, or do a variety and become a jack of all trades, that’s the beauty of crafting!

In addition, children love creating things – even if the only thing they seem to be expert in is the art of making a mess! Crafting is very good at helping them to develop their creativity.

3) Crafting is a great social activity.

This may be one of the best benefits of crafting. We can find great communities where we can share our makes and get inspiration. We love CraftWorld as you will find a community full of hints and tips, exclusive tutorials and thousands of people happy to help and share their makes.

4) Your finished products are a great talking piece.

Whether your friend or family receive your amazing makes, you’ll feel a certain sense of pride when talking about the product you made. Perhaps so much so that your friend will want to do one too.

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