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MISTI Cut Align Tool Clear Rulers With Cutting Guide & Grid | Set of 2

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The MISTI Cut Align Tool is an innovative ruler which lets you cut precisely and accurately with just your craft knife.

This set contains 2 clear rulers, each with numbered inches, two sizes of grid and a centering ruler along one edge. In the middle of each ruler there is a thin channel which acts as a cutting guide for your knife. The 8in ruler has a 6in channel and the 15in ruler has a 13in channel so these are perfectly sized for all papercraft projects from cardmaking to large scrapbook layouts.

To use, simply lay the ruler over the area you want to cut, use one of the grid patterns to align your cutting line and run your craft knife blade gently along the centre channel until it cuts through the cardstock. The narrow cutting channel will hold your knife steady and prevent slipping, giving the perfect cut every time.

This versatile tool removes the guesswork in cutting out small sentiments and elements, and you'll find you can create frames and matts with consistent borders and alignment with your focal points. With a small grid size of 1/16in you can cut fine strips that would be impossible with a paper trimmer and difficult to measure with a traditional ruler.

The Cut Align isn't just for cutting and using the same alignment techniques and a mechanical pencil you can measure and draw templates and line guides for stamping or hand lettering. The centre channel also provides a handly folding tool for small delicate die cuts.


  • Contains two rulers
  • Centre cutting channel keeps craft knife steady
  • Grid prints and centering measure on clear rulers allow easy alignment
  • Achieve precise cutting of small and delicate elements
  • Create accurate and consistent borders for matts & frames
  • Use with a mechanical pencil to draw templates and guides


  • Small Ruler Size: 8in
  • Large Ruler Size: 15in
  • Small Cutting Guide Size: 6in
  • Large Cutting Guide Size: 13in
  • Grid sizes: 1/16in & 1/8in
  • Measurement System: Imperial
  • Product Code: CUTALIGN

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Range MISTI Rulers & Aligning Tools
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