Scarlett Rose Crafts Easymat & 12in x 12in Piercing Mat Bundle

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As every crafter knows matting and layering is beautiful but until now you have always had to sacrifice all that pretty card that lies beneath each layer. Using the Easymat system frees up all that expensive card normally hidden under your layer.

The Scarlett Rose Piercing and Stamping Mat is a high density mat for piercing, stamping, embossing, and petal shaping. This mat is the perfect partner for the Easymat Multi-Function plate.


  • Piercing and Stamping Mat Large Size: 11.5in x 11.5in
  • Easymat Multi-Craft Plate Size: 12in x 12in

Easymat Instructions

1. Create your desired layer size by using your Easymat ruler markings and its grid to mark a dot for each corner of your layer. Now using the dots as a guide, cut out with a craft knife and steel ruler to create your layer.
2. Next, take your layers one at a time and use the Easymat piercing holes provided on the grid to pierce 4 holes - 1 on each corner of your layer - positioned on the inside edge, e.g. 1 row down and 2 row in.
3. Remove Easymat plate. Take a steel ruler and a craft knife and again use the 4 dots but this time to create a frame rather than a layer. The piece of card removed is retained to be used again on other projects - quick, easy, and very cost effective; two or more cards for the price of one!
4. Add double sided tape to the layers to mat your project together.

Using Diamond Trails Plate

1. Place your cardstock on a rubber mat.
2. Place the Diamond Trails Plate on top of your card.
3. Use a pokey tool pierce the design into your cardstock.
4. Remove plate. Using the pierced design as a template, glue or use ready glued diamonds and pearls to give you a beautiful, evenly spaced design.


  • 1 x Piercing and Stamping Mat
  • 1 x Easymat Multi-Craft Plate with Diamond Trails and Handle