Simply Made Crafts Die Set Medium Exploding Gift Box | Set of 11

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The Medium Exploding Gift Box Die Set from Simply Made Crafts has been designed by the fantastic Helen Griffin. This die set consists of 11 metal dies that features all the elements you need to create a stunning exploding gift box with multiple compartments. Create amazing gift box makes to impress all of you family and friends with this Medium Exploding Gift Box!

Please Note: We recommend a minimum cardstock weight of 250gsm when using these dies to ensure that score lines score perfectly.

Features & Benefits

  • 11-piece high quality thin metal die set
  • Easy to use
  • The dies cut the outer shape & debosses the score lines for you
  • Versatile die set, suitable for all skill levels
  • Exclusive to CraftStash


  • Main Box Lid / Base Die: 158mm x 158mm
  • Internal Box Die: 135mm x 135mm
  • Scalloped Circle Die: 59mm diameter
  • Large Ornate Square Die: 58mm x 58mm
  • Small Ornate Square Die: 46mm x 46mm
  • Large Ornate Frame Die: 62mm x 62mm
  • Small Ornate Frame Die: 47mm x 47mm
  • Tag Die: 67mm x 20mm


Large format die-cutting machine required

1. Cut 1 large lid, 4 sides, 4 small lids from the dies. Manually cut additional piece at 4 1/8in x 4 1/8in or 10.4cm x 10.4cm for the base.
2. Trim off the side flap from the side pieces and glue around the base.
3. Assemble the small boxes & lids and glue to the right side of each side piece.
4. Assemble the large lid.

Other Options: Use the small gift boxes as standalone boxes.

Normal gift box

1. Cut 4 side pieces, large lid and manually cut additional piece at 4 1/8in x 4 1/8in.
2. Glue the side pieces onto the base and then glue the sides together.
3. Assemble the lid.