We have some very exciting news to share! CraftStash has teamed up with the fabulous Lindsay Weirich aka The Frugal Crafter.

Lindsay Weirich has been teaching art for over two decades. She has reached thousands of students of all ages through her classes and workshops. Lindsay operates the popular blog and YouTube channel The Frugal Crafter with nearly half a million subscribers where she publishes new painting, cardmaking and craft tutorials each week. Her designs have been published in legions of art and craft publications and she has also illustrated two children's books. 

Are you a Sketchbook Floozie?

Lindsay is launching a fun new mini collection of 4 stencil sets with CraftStash, the first of many new collections coming up this year covering a range of products, themes and styles.

This first collection is inspired by her #SketchbookFloozies challenge. It's a challenge for all those people who love to sketch but have multiple sketchbooks and jump from one to another! The idea is that everyone shares their sketches and inspires each other to get creative without worrying about everything being perfect.

Lindsay's new collection is a series of stencils that allow you to create panels within your sketchbooks, a way of inspiring you to start sketching smaller less intimidating panels. However, these stencils can also be used in your regular cardmaking as the shapes are ideal for creating simple background areas of colour.

Find out more about Sketchbook Floozies!

Lindsay sent us these beautiful and inspiring images below from her sketchbooks!