Hello, Crafters! We're thrilled to introduce you to our latest Craft World template - a free downloadable template for a Double Fan Fold Card. This elegant card design is perfect for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, and milestone birthdays. It even has a touch of art deco flair. Follow these easy steps to create your own masterpiece!

Materials You'll Need:

Craft World's double fan fold card template (downloadable)
Cardstock (as card base)
Repositionable spray adhesive
Craft knife
Steel ruler
Bone folder
Assorted crafting materials for decoration

Step 1: Apply the Template

Begin by applying the Craft World double fan fold card template to your cardstock using repositionable spray adhesive. Ensure a secure fit. Carefully cut around the template's edge, leaving you with a beautiful card base.

Step 2: Score the Card

Note that some solid lines on the template are score lines rather than cut lines. Using your scoreboard, start by scoring at approximately 1.5 inches along the indicated lines. The exact measurements may vary depending on your print settings. Score the diagonal lines as well by placing the scoreboard at the top and bottom of each diagonal line, ensuring flexibility for later folding.

Step 3: Strengthen the Score Lines

Use a bone folder to strengthen the score lines, especially if you're working with thicker cardstock. This will help you later when deciding whether the lines should fold as mountains or valleys.

Step 4: Create Gate Folds

Begin folding the card inwards from the edges, creating gate folds. Allow the fan pieces to protrude. You can experiment with different folding options here to achieve your desired look.

Step 5: Experiment with Folding

Use the flexibility of the strengthened score lines to experiment with various folding options. The choice is yours! One popular choice is to bring the centre in while having the triangular fan pieces fold outward. This creates a stunning effect.

Step 6: Decorate Your Card

Your double fan fold card is now ready to be decorated. Let your creativity flow by adding your chosen embellishments, such as ribbons, paper flowers, or sentiment tags. Personalize your card to suit the occasion, and watch it transform into a work of art.

Your stunning double fan fold card is complete and ready to impress. Experiment with different folding techniques and embellishments to make each card unique. Enjoy the crafting process, and happy card-making!

Watch the full video tutorial here!

Download your template here: