Easy Decoupaging with Stamps

13 Dec 2018 0 Comments All, Magazines, Stamping

Decoupage can be a little confusing because there are two types of decoupage in paper crafts. One is gluing and layering elements onto a surface like a table or box in a collage-like fashion. The layers are then sealed with a finishing much like ModPodge. But there’s also decoupage layering in cardmaking. Images are layered (mostly preprinted) with foam tape. Usually the same image or scene is “built” with certain elements layered on top. Basically it looks like you’re layering the same image onto itself repeatedly however, the multiple layers build your image. This gives depth and dimension to an otherwise flat scene.

There are kits available with preprinted images to try decoupage and create some projects with real depth. However the decoupage technique can be applied to your stamps to add depth to a flat stamp. Floral stamps are a great way to try decoupaging! There’s lots of petals and sections to cut out and layer. The more layers, the more depth you can acheieve and it really brings your stamps to life.


In this video we share how to stamp and layer one of the floral stamps in the 12 Months of Flowers gift set included in Creative Stamping 65.

It’s a lot easier than you’d think and the technique can be applied to many of your stamps in your stash!

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