journaling kitAre you keen to start journaling but not sure what you'll need? We share a list of supplies needed to get you started on your creative journaling journey. The great thing about taking up a hobby like this is there are no hard and fast rules for how to approach your own journaling, it's not like following a pattern although there is a huge amount of online inspiration if you are stuck for ideas.  Many people begin journaling as an extension of their cardmaking, it allows us to blend traditional diary writing with the therapeutic benefits of crafting. A double dose of mindfulness, reflecting on both your plans for the future and the highlights of your day or week. It's easy to see why this pastime has become so popular. Unlike scrapbooking where the focus is an occasion or an event, journaling and planning allow you to celebrate the everyday challenges, highlights and day to day happenings in your life. It can be entirely personal to you!

What will you use to journal in?

First you need to choose what you wat to use for your journaling. You can make your own journal either from scratch or use a journal making die (see our tutorial for making a diy journal here) or you could also use a notebook (bound or spiral bound, lined or unlined) or a planner or binder. We love Heidi Swapp Memory Planners! You can also get ready made kits complete with embellishments and stickers. washi tape Washi tape So useful for highlighting titles, hiding mistakes and more! Washi tape is a must in every creative household and you'll find lots of great ways to use it when you are planning and journaling. stamps for journaling Stamps Using stamps in your journaling will help if you're not yet ready for hand-drawing your layouts. You can buy stamps featuring almost anything you can imagine and more, you'll also find some great sentiment stamps which work really well if your brush lettering or calligraphy needs more practice. fineliners for journaling Pens  There's nothing more relaxing than colouring your layouts. We have a huge selection of pens and markers to choose from. An absolute must is a set of colourful fineliners. memory planner stickers Stickers and Rub Ons Some planners come complete with stickers to use to highlight dates and lists, however, there is also a great selection of fun stickers you can get to add to your planners and journals - an instant way to brighten up a page - see all our stickers and rub ons available. embellishments for journaling Embellishments You can add little extras to your page with cute paperclips, you can use these to attach photos or ticket stubs to your pages. there are so many fun ideas for embellishing your journal pages, and so many cute crafty supplies you can add to your stash to play with. If you're keen to get started with journaling you'll also need a healthy dose of inspiration.  Follow our youtube channel where we will be adding more video tutorials all about journalling and planning with our resident expert Janette Lane!  

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