Helen Colebrook Q&A

25 Jun 2019 0 Comments All, Design Team

How did you get into Journaling?

I’ve always documented things to some degree, it has been a great antidote to a stressful day to have somewhere to sit and get everything off my chest and also be creative and play.

What do you do for your day job?

I’m an HR Consultant, so I deal with recruitment, dismissals, redundancies and advising small businesses in my local area on how to employ people safely.

You live in Devon, is there a journaling community?

There’s a Planning Community in Devon. I went to my first Planner Event in February but there doesn’t seem to be a journaling community despite there being a lot of people are interested in going to a journaling event.  I was actually asked to do a workshop on journaling at a Planner Event so I think there’s quite an appetite and people wanting these type of Workshops.

Tell me about your workshops!

I’ve done quite a few workshops in person and that can be anything from planning, journaling, brush lettering, adding wax seals or any creative elements. I have done these on request in Events & as one to one sessions  I’ve also done a 6 week Journaling Workshop in Devon as an introduction to journaling for people that were interested in starting. I also offer online workshops on Skillshare and I’m hoping to do a monthly workshop on there.

What made you start journaling?

I think because everything is so digital all the time. I love social media and I use that a lot, but it’s needing that escape from digital for a little bit of time at least every evening where I’m not bothered about my phone or what’s on the TV. So it’s my switch everything off time to go back to the peace and quiet of analogue and not worry about software updates!

What’s the thing you love the most about journaling?

Knowing that everything with my family is all documented, I’ve got many lovely special moments with my daughter. Also, there’s is no pressure and there is no wrong way of journaling!

What’s the most special memory that you’ve documented in your journaling?

There have been so many! I have documented lots of special moments with my daughter, the most recent being when she turned 18. I’m so happy to have all of our funny conversations, days out and holidays to look back on, especially as she will probably be heading to University in a few months’ time.

Where do you get your inspiration?

The changing seasons and nature are a huge inspiration for my journals. The colours I use and the decorations I add very often reflect what I see on my morning dog walks.

What are a few fun things to write in your journal?

I love to record bits of conversations, favourite extracts from books I’m reading, and fun events that I have attended.

What advice would you give someone who’s just starting out?

Start simple and begin building the habit of doing a little documenting every day. Don’t wait for the big moments, there is plenty of things worthy of recording every day. It could be your favourite food, TV programmes, song lyrics, your hopes, dreams, or anything that is on your mind.

What are your favourite pens to use?

I love water-proof fineliners, fountain pens and brush pens. You can achieve such a lovely combination of font styles with these different pens.

What’s the funniest memory that you have?

Reading my daughter’s school journal, where the children wrote about what they had been up to at the weekend. I can only imagine what the teacher thought when she read that my daughter had been “cod biking”. I will never look at quad bikes the same way again!

Tell me a few things that you absolutely love!

Spending time with my family, dog walks, watching comedies and comfort food!

What is something that your friends would consider “so you”?

Always laughing and bad singing

What’s your favourite genre of book or movie?

I love anything funny, but I’m also a huge reader of autobiographies and personal development books

Do you have any interesting facts?

Until I found journaling, I was always the only non-creative member of my family. I guess I just needed to find my “thing”!



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