Hot foil stamping tips – get better results with your Go Press & Foil Machine

Hot Foiling How to get best results

Hot foil stamping tips – get better results with your Go Press & Foil Machine

The Go Press & Foil machine by Couture Creations is an easy to use hot foiling machine that lets you add beautiful foiled designs to your projects simply by running it through your existing die-cutting machine*. In this video, Janette shares her hot foil stamping tips and shows you how to get better results with your Go Press & Foil and a brand new range of hot foil stamps from CraftStash.

Here’s how to get reliable results with your Go Press & Foil machine:

Step 1: Let your machine heat up and even preheat your hot foil stamps while you wait for your machine light to turn green.

Step 2: Add your foil (coloured side down) on top of your hot foil stamp, and your cardstock. Make sure you are using HEAT ACTIVATED foil. Otherwise, you will get zero results.

Step 3: Add a paper shim. I used a 220gsm shim but try different paper weights. Try one or two, then store those shims with your GoPress & Foil Machine for future use and easy access. The right shim is ESSENTIAL in getting a good foil transfer.

Step 4: Heat for 30 seconds and remove the Go Press platform.

Step 5: Run your Go Press Platform through your die-cutting machine S L O W L Y. This is also an ESSENTIAL step for getting great results with your machine. Don’t rush this part because it does make all the difference in the world.

You can find the full range of Hot Foil Stamps here – CraftStash Hot Foil Stamps

This machine does look a little intimidating, but once you get the hang of it and follow these hot foil stamping tips, it’s a dream and a quick way to add some foiling to your craft and cardmaking projects for a really sophisticated look.

*Will work with most popular die-cutting machines, please contact us before purchasing if you are unsure whether your die-cutting machine will be suitable.

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