Marta Debicka – our NEW Design Team Member

We are pleased to introduce you to our New Design Team Member: Marta Debicka. After following her amazing creations on CraftWorld, we decided to invite her to join our Design Team. We are glad to announce that the lovely Marta is now part of our team and we cannot wait to see her amazing makes using our exclusive products.

It was great to meet her and talk about her interests, crafting background and much more! We are sure you will love her as much as we do.

Read Marta’s story…

Marta is from Poland and lives in the very northern part of Scotland for 11 years now. When she came to the UK, she didn’t realise how rainy it is here all the time!

Marta has always been thinking about crafting. When she was a little girl, her actual dream was to work in the craft/office supply store. She was convinced that if you work there, you are actually allowed to play with all these paints and modelling clay that is laying on the shelves, and then 20 years later she ended up having her own “craft store” in her house.

The majority of Marta’s day is actually thinking about crafting, then about her family and everyday life and then even more about crafting! Who else can relate to that? We can! Her favourite season of the year is summer: “I love Sun and hot bright days, laying on the beach and just enjoying good weather. There is even a “Drop of Sunshine” in my name”.

We asked her how she felt about this opportunity and Marta is super excited to become a part of the CraftStash team (so do we!) as this was something she knew she would love to do from the very first second she’s joined the CraftWorld community. “Deep in my heart, since I dive into crafting, I always dreamed of becoming a full-time artist and crafter-designer and becoming a part of such an incredible team is an amazing opportunity for me to learn and gain experience from all of their fantastic designers.

There are a couple of craft projects that made her feel really proud. She made her first mixed media canvas, which was actually made on a piece of cardboard as she didn’t have any blank canvas then, but she really wanted to make something and still loves it to this day. Then, another creation she is super proud of is an easel card that she made for her friend’s mum birthday. This card was, in fact, chosen by Christina Griffiths in one of her challenges on CraftWorld.

Marta Debicka a.k.a Drop of Sunshine has her own YouTube Channel, and she does fantastic makes every week, sharing them on her social channels and CraftWorld! She loves creating big fancy cards with lots of layers and embellishments. When people come for her help, they ask about how to create the composition and add layers without making it look cramped up and overly busy; the colour choices and how she picks them up, where does she gets ideas for her creations, and more! So, don’t forget to follow her to check all her latest creations and learn fantastic hints and tips!

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