shaker card tutorial

Shaker Card Tutorial with Printable Acetate

Are you looking to add a fun twist to your card-making projects? In this video, we'll walk through the process of creating shaker cards using printable acetate and basic crafting supplies. Let's dive in and craft some eye-catching cards that are sure to impress! Plus be sure to get your free sentiment and paper downloads at the end of this post.

Today, we're going to explore how to make sequin shaker cards using Die-Cutting Essentials magazine Issue 112 free downloads. This issue comes with some handy dies and free printables, perfect for our project.

die-cutting essentials

You can pick up a copy of Die-cutting Essentials here - Papercraft Magazines

Making shaker cards is a breeze with printable acetate and a few basic supplies. It's a fun way to get creative and add a little something extra to your card-making projects. We hope you have enjoyed this fun shaker card tutorial, the free download will appear below - it may take a few seconds for your browser to load.