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Step by Step: Fancy Bow

Lisa Plummer, the Crafting Diva, demonstrates how to construct a stunning Fancy Bow. From the Gift Box Collection by Creative Dies Plus, the Fancy Bow die set is extremely versatile, allowing you to decorate a range of papercrafts. They also co-ordinate beautifully with the box and bag die sets within the range. Go potty for polka dots or say it with stripes: you choose!

fancy bow step by step crafting diva lisa plummer

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fancy bow creative dies plus
Step 1: Take the plain cutting edge bow die and the detailed strip die and stick to cardstock with washi tape. Run through die cutter.
Step 2:
Remove die cut from die, Cut another of just the plain cutting edge die from pink card.

fancy bow creative dies plus

Step 3: Stick the purple strip bow die cut onto the plain pink die cut.
Step 4: Take the bow shape die cut and shape around your finger to give a curved shape to die cut.

gift box collection

Step 5: Turn the die cut over and place a dot of glue to the middle area of the bow shape.
Step 6: Curl one side of the bow die cut around and hold onto the glue dot until dry.

gift box collection

Step 7: Once dry add another dot of glue on top of the tab you just bent around.
Step 8: Curl the second part of the bow die cut around and hold in place on the glue until dry.

fancy bow creative dies plus

Step 9: On the long thin tab apply glue and wrap around the middle of the bow shape.
Step 10: Die cut the plain tail in purple card, you can other lay the bow in the middle…

fancy bow creative dies plus

Step 11: Or cut the tail shape in half and stick behind the bow shape. To finish add a gem or pearl.
Step 12: There you have your finished Fancy Bow!